Saturday, May 12, 2018

Malaysian Election Aftermath

For the past three days I had about 3 hours sleep each night. I am only a spectator but watch every piece of news from social media or TV. Malaysians have voted for change. 7 States in Peninsular are under the new coaliton Pakatan Harapan led by the former and now the newly appointed Prime Minister of Malaysia. I thought there might be trouble as the day after the election went on but there was no news about the swearing in of the PM-elect. The Election Commision did a lousy job this time round as final results only came in at 4.30am the next day. Apparently there were several recounts but the news were that as BN ruling party was losing badly in many States the results trickled in at snail pace. Tun Mahathir claimed victory before midnight and the losing caretaker Premier did not appear until the next day at 11.30am.
Even then he did not concede defeat nor did he congratulate the winners, Pakatan Harapan. Doubts rose whether he was prepared to cede powers peacefully. The first sign that power has shifted was when the national Chief Secretary took Tun Mahathir’s instruction to declare Thursday and Friday as public holidays. I breathed a sigh of relief when the Inspector General of Police came on TV at 5pm the next day to call for a quick and peaceful transition. With the police, army and the civil service behind the PM-elect I thought the swearing in of Tun Mahathir would go ahead and it was completed at 10pm, 10th May 2018. Five is the number for grace and 10 is double grace as John says in Jesus grace upon grace is poured out on those who believe. I did not believe it was happening as if in a dream that I would see a peaceful transfer of power to the opposition in Malaysia. The State of Sabah, my home state is still in a state of flux with no apparent government though the ruling BN managed to squeak through when two opposition members joined them to give them a simple majority of 31 in a 60 member state Assembly. There is much to be prayed for going forward days and weeks ahead especially the formation of the Malaysian cabinet of Pakatan Harapan members.

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