Monday, October 12, 2020

Double Sabbath

When you work double time, sometimes you deserve a double Sabbath. It is not that we are worthy as we are all unworthy servants and we do not look for commendation or praise from men. Yet from the MCO period which started last Wednesday, it had been one of my busiest weeks, not least in the last 48 hours leading to Sunday. I recorded a sermon for Friday, the first audio recording for about 4 months, which took me much longer than anticipated. Then, on Saturday morning I recorded my sermon for Sunday and that took two hours of my time in church but at least two or three days in preparation. I have a friend or two who thinks my work is easy or less hard than their so-called professions.

If they will take my place for just one or two weeks, then they will know what is involved in pastoral ministry. On Saturday night, I preached another homily, though it took barely 10 minutes (Isaiah 57:1-2) but preparation took about 2 hours and much time praying for wisdom and consolation as to how to comfort members who suffer bereavement of their loved ones. It was a wake service, and it was almost impossible to comply with social distancing but before the visit I had prayed for safety and protection. I stayed in the house for 2 hours before leaving. Praise God for counting me "worthy" of His service and now I rest a day more, an additional sabbath today before starting again tomorrow to prepare for my session to be recorded this Thursday. It will be another tough message, but for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, they will understand how important these series of messages are from Ephesians 2:11-22 where I spoke about the Gospel and how contrarian if it is to "identity politics" practiced in the world today. 

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