Monday, October 26, 2020

Emergency Averted: Power of Prayer

Could it be a coincidence? We ended our 8-day Prayer Chain (Doa Berantai) at 6pm last Friday where we prayed round the clock, one hour each with about 30 church members taking part. News began to flash that the Prime Minister of Malaysia with his entourage were heading to the King's palace in Kuantan as our current King is from the State of Pahang. So throughout the week-end we continued to pray ending with our Sunday service's intercession yesterday for the King and the nation. In just over 6 hours, we received the good news that the proposed Emergency proclamation had been averted.

We praised God for in the past 10 days we had been praying for Malaysia's King to be granted wisdom to resolve the political turmoil engulfing the nation in recent days and weeks. God have mercy on Malaysia! God be merciful to Sabah as we received news for the first time in three weeks that the Covid-19 cases have just begun to decrease. Yesterday, I exhorted the congregation to hunker down as our endurance of faith is being tested during this Covid 19 pandemic. My sermon was well received and for the first time, 5 or 6 deacons and a few other church members sent texts to thank me. How joyful it is to find God's children walking in truth (2 John). As the maximum allowed onto the premises was limited to 6 people, we did what we could and after the 1 hour and 10 minutes of live-streaming, we broke for early lunch and we had great fellowship with social distancing as there were only 6 of us present in a fairly big room. I went back rejoicing and the 6pm's news that the King had denied the request for an emergency proclamation was indeed an answer to prayers with the decrease of Covid-19 cases as icing on the cake. Praise be to Your Name! You have listened from heaven to the cry of Your people. Do come and save us, O Lord! Hosanna!

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