Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Floods & Incessant Rain

A friend texted me and jokingly blamed me for preaching on "Ask of Me - Rain!" (Zech 10:1). Rain it did in Sabah for about 16 hours non-stop from midnight Sunday to 4pm Monday. Many areas in the West coast and Kota Kinabalu were flooded. A number of bridges that I had crossed were swept away and many villages became inaccessible as a result. I thank God that I am holding onto my 4-wheel pick-up with high ground clearance. I had paid for it cash when I bought it second hand 6 years ago. Since it is not a financial burden except for the usual maintenance, now with the floods and incessant rains for the past several weeks had convinced me to hold on to my car as long as possible.

God did answer our prayers on Election Day on 26th Sept when there was not a spot of rain in KK. The day before we had prayed for fine weather for the people to go out to vote. But that was a double-edged sword and I spoke about it several times over the course of the month of September that holding an Election in time of pandemic was fool-hardy. Thus, I had asked the church to pray - if drought - ask for rain!; if too much rain, ask the Lord to stop the rain and grant fine sunny weather. Today it has been overcast whole day and fingers crossed there won't be much rain in the night. Sabah faced a double disaster in the past couple of days. First, the increasing rate of Covid-19 across the whole State has cost us dear - another round of MCO (movement control order) from midnight tonight. It may last for a month or two. Second, the floods could not come at a worse time in light of the economic downturn. Many villagers are already suffering and these floods would cost more in terms of safety all round and access to towns or hospitals in times of emergency. I can only ask when I packed my bag on my way back home from office this afternoon - why is this happening to Sabah? One trial after another. Have we, the church angered Thee, O Lord? Have mercy on our leaders! Have mercy on us; Kyrie Eleison

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