Sunday, October 18, 2020

New Zealand - Is the Lord calling?

I must say 12 years ago I would jump at the chance of going to New Zealand and serve the Lord there. So when I resigned in 2008 from my pastorate of my homechurch in KK, the first thing I did was to buy a ticket to New Zealand. My son was already there in his Year 13 (Upper Six), but it happened that I was called or re-called to Asia, to Singapore where I stayed for 6 years. When my Kiwi friend who just recently connected with me through Instagram, and he asked me where I was serving. When I told him that I was serving this new church called, SIB Indah Permai, he replied that no wonder my book was named as "Departure Points". As for my friend, he had stayed put in one ministry in one place since his graduation in 1995, all 25 years in one position. I graduated a year earlier though we entered first year at the same time, but I must have moved at least 10 times in 10 places.

Even in Ranau, I had to move three times within 4 years and this "new" pastorate is my 4th appointment in less than 6 years. In my two years back in Malaysia during my doctoral study we moved house about 3 times, finally renting an apartment at a local Seminary. So if New Zealand beckons, I would have to pray hard whether to move one more time. I am not getting any younger. The Auckand Central's Member of Parliament elected last night is a 26-year old, born in the year I entered full-time ministry. I would like to think that I could last long like Moses, but to be realistic if the Lord adds a decade or more than Moses' entrance into his call to deliver Israel from Egypt, I would be glad. But New Zealand still tugs at heart-strings. I was born again there. I wrote almost all my 20 spiritual songs in New Zealand. I saw many visions in NZ that led to my calling into God's service. All my education is Kiwi-based, secular and spiritual. I owe a huge debt to New Zealand and her people. Perhaps if I should stay put in Sabah, my son who is working in Auckland could help to repay NZ what this beautiful country has done for his dad. 

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