Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Staying at Home

It was good that today is the start of the Movement Control Order. I stayed at home whole day. It's like an enforced Sabbatical. Simple lunches and eggs on toast for dinner. And I felt more productive than usual. More time at home means more time reading the Bible, worshipping and praying. I actually suggested that this Sunday's sermon be cancelled and we all enjoy a rest since there will be so many online services to watch. Sometimes the impact of church closure is not felt if we provide online services causing the members to feel comfortable and sooner or later some will feel contented and not a few have told me they now prefer to stay at home and watch the services. But I was persuaded to carry on in view of the wishes of the majority. I will either continue my series on Ephesians or leadership. But at least today, I read through my forthcoming book and revised it a fair bit.

Next week or two I will including some references from the books I own as the local seminary's library would be closed for the rest of the year. We have had three and a half months back for services since the MCO of the same length and we prayed that it won't last that long this time before we could re-start services. There are churches that just opened last month and now they had to close again. Thus, the Scripture says that if we watch the clouds and the winds, we will never sow. If we are fearful, we will never act. If we are unbelieving, we will never come to worship God and serve Him devoutly. God is grieved and He is wrathful against His people for their luke-warmness and lack of love for Him. But today, I have started reading commentaries again. I plan to publish my book early next year to keep up my dream of publishing at least one book a year, failing which one book every other year. Last December it was in English and early February 2020, I published my Malay commentary of John's Gospel. It will be in English again, so my fourth book when I finish this one, the next book should be in Malay, by the grace of God. 

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