Friday, December 4, 2020

My New Book is Ready

After 29th time revising and re-reading I made the call this morning that it is done and will be in the printers henceforth. God willing, before Christmas my new book will be out. What a year. It has been bleak in many ways, but there is a silver lining in the clouds with the production of this concise commentary from April onwards with the months of October and November dedicated to revising and putting in into the final shape of a book. It is a small book, the length of a Masters thesis. John Calvin, the famous 16th reformer said that books needed to be concise, to the point and I trust that my commentary on the Song of Solomon is right to the point. It’s one of the toughest books in the Bible to decipher and commentate upon due to its poetic form filled with symbolism and also the subject matter of love, romance and sex. Yes, sex is on almost every other stanza of the love poem, but it is written in a subtle and nuanced manner, which is highly refined and polite even in its most sensual and erotic moments. That’s the beauty of the Song of Songs. No wonder it is the Song of Songs as it was Solomon’s best and favourite song out of 1,005 songs which he wrote. As a lover, there is no one like King Solomon with his harem of 1,000 women plus one, his Shulamite lover who was the love of his life. 

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