Friday, December 18, 2020


 I can now understand more and more why our Lord Jesus called the believers of the seven churches in Rev 2-3 as overcomers. Much more now in challenging times, we need to be overcoming and overcoming and often, I feel that it is like fighting a battle after battle and it is never ceasing for us to overcome. I had one of the busiest days in church yesterday, hosting the SIB KK district's pastors fellowship in my church premises.

We have close to 30 pastors in 40 churches around the city but only 5 pastors, some with their spouses turned up. If I were not committed to this event, I would have lost heart. Most pastors could not even answer with a yes or no whether they would turn up since we had to prepare Christmas lunch. Only the night before a few sent apologies and that reminded me about the kingdom parable that people gave excuse after excuse. That was only our 2nd pastors' fellowship of the year, the first was last February when I launched my commentary on John's Gospel. This time I could have promoted my fourth book but I kept silent throughout, though last minute the chairman asked me to share a devotion. Praise be to God who moved the few of His servants to attend. Gideon's army started with 32,000 and the fearful returned leaving 10,000. Yet the Lord said, that's too many and further reduced to 300. These are the overcomers with boldness and resoluteness do God's will in the last days.

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