Friday, July 8, 2022

Publication & Writing

After three weeks of preparation for publication of my revised version of the commentary on the Song of Songs and also lectures on Johannine literature in Ranau the whole of last week and then preaching last Sunday in Kota Kinabalu, I had restarted my writing on the Galatians' commentary. Getting one book out in the market is a Herculean effort with much sweat and hard work. It is like preaching 10 weeks in a row which I don't remember ever doing.Perhaps 6 weeks of non-stop preaching but not ten weeks. I was somewhat reenergised to do what I thought as God's calling in my life at this phase of my life. Yes, I am a preacher and an author of no fixed place of ministry, though with God's most gracious provision I have a small abode that I called my own, the Lord's inheritance (Lev 25). 

Sometimes people don't believe how I managed to live in my house debt free. I did not pay a cent when I bought it 16 years ago and the 12-year loan repayment period was a breeze by God's power and grace. Indeed God's promise is true - "you have in your heart to build My house, but I will build you your house" saith the Lord when I was busy building the Lord's house as a pastor of my home church. 

Only yesterday there were photos of the pastors' fellowship being held in the Ministry Centre we built when I was pastor. For more than two years of the pandemic and now it is the only church building in use as the main sanctuary was torn down without roof and only now plans to rebuild are about to be ready. What we do in God's Name and wrought in Him will see the light of day and our fruits will remain. 

I don't know how long this phase of my life will continue, being an author and doing itinerant preaching or whether it is sustainable at all given the rising costs of living of more than 25 percent of most essential goods. But when my friend complained and said he would eat less, I told him that my God could bless even more, much more the rate of inflation in this world. 

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