Monday, September 12, 2022

A Record of Preaching

As storage across my laptops and desktop are filled up as time goes by, I have been going back and listening to my old sermons and see if I could delete some of them to make space for new ones. I don't even record in 4K but 1080p but over time it takes up easily 2TB of space in the past two years. But the highest storage I have is only 512GB and my 2017 MacBook Pro only comes with 256GB. As I listened to my sermons, I must say that I am reluctant to delete any of my videos because of their contents which consist of the exposition of God's Word. Perhaps, one day God will grant me my prayers over 25 years for a personal assistant who can help compile all my recorded sermons and make it into a series of teachings.

I preached Paul's letter to the Ephesians over 14 months (June 2020-July 2021), most of which were recorded. I taught the Gospel of John until chapter 12 to the youths for 17 months (Mac 2020-July 2021), but most of which were not recorded. If anything, a recording or video is a record of my ministry in the Word of God. I have been preaching for 34 years now since I led a small home group of three indigenous families. As a full-time minister, soon I will be celebrating my 28th anniversary on 1st December 2022. I certainly plan to have a thanksgiving service in two years' time, maybe with my former students from 1995 to 2019 when I ended my ministry at the Bible College. I guess if part-time teaching is counted, then I have not stopped since only two months ago I taught an intensive course at the Ranau's College. I recorded some of the teaching sessions and it easily took up 50GBs in all. 

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