Saturday, September 17, 2022

Galatians and Ecclesiastes (Books and Commentaries)

Today I am taking a break from writing my commentary on Galatians. On our National Day yesterday I wrote morning, evening and night to get as much done as possible. I am starting to expound on the fruits of the Spirit and I hope by October I shall be writing my last chapter on Galatians 6. By November I get it revised as I read through slowly and add whatever footnotes necessary. Hopefully I can get two people to proof read the draft manuscript in December and by January it should be back with me for final revision and formatting.

I trust by March at the lastest I could print, by the grace of God as by April I shall start in earnest to study the Hebrew and Greek texts of the book of Ecclesistes. Hopefully that can be done within a couple of months and by mid 2023 I could start penning some thoughts in readiness for a book form monograph. This time I will try to write in both English and Malay and I pray that somewhat by God's intervention these two books could be ready by July 2024 which will be a milestone for me hitting my senior years, at least in Malaysian reckoning that "warga emas" @golden citizen begins at 60.

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