Sunday, September 25, 2022

Preparing to Preach

It is now less than 24 hours before I will preach God’s Word is a church celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the biblical New Year. As I was having dinner the word of the Lord came to me and I am pretty sure of what I am going to preach tomorrow. Being a preacher for more than 30 years I still tremble and fear before the holy God in whose name I shall speak as the oracles of God. Who is sufficient for all these?

Whom God has called He will equip with His Spirit and His Word. I can’t see how any other profession can match the work of preaching because it consumes one’s whole body, soul and spirit. One must be fully committed to the task at hand and it requires much work. Just as I searched the Scripture and sometimes can spend a couple o hours just learning one or two Hebrew or Greek words. And then the pressure of delivering it according to God’s will in the right tone and tempo for pleasant words find a place in the hearts of the listeners. No wonder Solomon in Ecclesiastes says that he chooses and weighs up his words, how to write them and set them in order so that the audience has no excuse except for the hardness of their hearts or ignorance due to lack of knowledge, the words of God should be pleasing to all for it guides one and all in the ways of wisdom and in the way of life.

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