Saturday, April 23, 2016

One & Triune God

It has been a fascinating couple of days as I attempt to write an essay in Malay on the topic the One and Triune God. In this essay I try to show how the New Testament God is also the Old Testament God, the God of Israel is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and how the oneness of God is not compromised by what Christians believe in the Triune God. I have reached 3,200 words which I try to limit to at most 3,500 words given that it will be delivered over two sessions of 40 mins each, perhaps 40 mins on the oneness of God and 40 mins on the Triune God.
Going through familiar texts but putting them together theologically, a kind of a biblical theology of the Godhead, is challenging to say the least. It is like returning to my major in my first degree in theology, Systematic Theology at the University of Auckland when I researched on the doctrine of Trinity and did a couple of essays in Church History on the Trinitarian controversy of the 4th century AD. The knowledge of the totality of Scripture is essential and knowing Hebrew and Greek is a must when one discusses truth of God-self revealed in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.

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