Friday, April 22, 2016

SBL International Meeting in Seoul

All good things come in twos. I checked the SBL program book online and saw my name appears twice, once in Writings (Psalms) and the second under Apocalyptic Literature. I thought my paper on Psalms just missed the deadline as I did not get a response from the organizers. Now I have two papers to write instead of one. In the past two days I have been busying myself in writing two lectures in Malay on "the One and Triune God" for the College Open Day on 21st May. If you are nearby or can fly to Sabah for the holiday weekend, 21st and 22nd May, please take this as my open invitation to our Open Day and College's 51st Anniversary.
I will have to limit my lecture on Trinity to 3,500 words which I hope to present in 90 minutes with a 5 mins break in between. Once I finish writing the paper I better get on writing my two papers, one OT (Psalms) and the other NT (Revelation) for the SBL meeting.

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