Friday, April 1, 2016

The First Day

The last day for me proved to be the first day of a new ministry.  For the first time in some time I ministered outside the confines of the church context or within the four walls of a church building by speaking for about 80 minutes to a group of 35 students in one of the largest secondary schools in town. I was greeted by two church members who happened to attend the school but the event was meant for unchurched students though most came from Christian families.
I spoke about 4 things. First hard work and putting our heart and mind in what we do (Ecclesiastes 9,10). Second, healthy competition based on 1 Cor 9,21. Third, on having ambition and vision for our future (Prov 29,18) and finally on the need to at least read and speak good English and get on with the rest of the world. I felt I connected with the students and we ended before 3pm and spoke for another 10 mins over selfies and photo taking. I was exhausted at the end and when I reached home at 4pm the last thing I wanted to do was to pack for last few possessions. It will be a night removal job as dusk has set in and soon it will be dark. Perhaps it was a coincidence. The last of a former thing leads to the beginning of a new thing and tomorrow I continue my journey for Jesus all the way to Tenom, the largest town in the south-west of Sabah.

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