Friday, April 15, 2016

The Burden of Leadership (2)

The burden of leadership could be a crushing one. One can be left totally devastated emotionally and spiritually. No wonder Moses asked God to send some one else, perhaps knowing what he was getting himself into with the rowdy group of Israelites. Even 40 years in the wilderness could not erase the pain of rejection when he was a young man of 40 years old and trying to help his fellow countrymen but terribly let down. What Moses was getting into in his final 40 years is perhaps 100 fold more painful as individuals and groups of individuals continued to challenge his authority and leadership despite seeing all the great works which God accomplished through Moses' hands.
Leaders are isolated figures and they stand alone for God and for the cause when it is called for. They don't follow the crowds but by some charisma or innate power or spiritual dynamism they could convince others to walk where they have never walked before and do things that they had never done before. That's the essence of leadership.

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