Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Milestones in Dates

After not writing for 12 days I guess it's a milestone to write twice in 12 hours. I suppose it is too great a chance to let it go by since today's date 12.12.12  happens once in 100 years. Knowing that there is little chance of living for another 100 years it seems fitting to record some landmarks. First, it's been 25 years since my working life began. I have worked for a full 20 years after deducting about 5 years I was engaged in theological study full-time. It's also 5 years since I left my ministry as pastor in Sabah.

12 is a great number in many ways. We have 12 months to a year. 12 hours of daylight. 12 Zodiac signs. 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. Time and seasons are divided by 12s. 12 above all is the number of the people of God. There are 12 tribes and Christ has 12 apostles. The New Jerusalem has 12 gates and 12 foundations.

This year  I have reached 4 cycles of 12s and in another 12 years I would reach a ripe old age of 60. Knowing how quick the last 4x12s have gone, I know this present cycle of 12 will fly by in no time. Whether I have another cycle of 12 after this round is purely God's grace. If I survive the next cycle, anything beyond that is pure grace upon grace. 84 is a good number for it is 7x12 and if I should reach it with praises on my lips and proclaiming still the gospel of my Lord Jesus I shall be truly content, counting the days and presenting to God a heart of wisdom.

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