Friday, January 10, 2014

Double Meaning: First Week of College

We ended our first week back at College with Spring Cleaning. My Family Group was assigned to clean the shelves in the library and we were asked to begin at the Basement where all the commentaries are put. Normally, spring cleaning day is a hassle and routine but being in the library was God-sent. A student saw me taking a photo of a book and asked, "Are you doing research?" "I am working," I replied. When I think of it, working in that instance has double meaning for me, one cleaning the selves as part of community service and the other doing research by making sure I don't miss out on a book that I think is worth reading. Often time, the biblical text has double meaning as well.
We do well to pay close attention to every detail there is lest we miss the nuance and subtlety of the text. More so for the book of Revelation. Is it literal or is it symbolic? What is the sub-text to the text? What are the OT/Scriptural backgrounds or echoes that John wants us to see? What are the connections between visions? All these and more determine whether we will truly fathom the mystery of God that will be preached to his servants in the last days (Rev 10:6-7).

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