Monday, January 13, 2014

"My Times are in Your Hand, O Lord" (Psalm 31:15)

After listening to a wonderful sermon by a graduating student today, I was asked about the title of my sermon to be preached in April. This liturgist was a former student of mine and we spoke briefly about my departure and moving on to another phase of my life. There are three passages for the day, "Psalm 31, Isaiah 50:4-9, and Phil 2:5-11. As I meditated on these verses, I realized how pertinent they are - God knows exactly where I am and how I feel, even as the Psalmist cries out, "I trust in You, Lord. I say you are my God. My times are in Your hand." (Psa 31:14-15).

One thing that I can testify is that the Lord has never allowed me to stay complacent or settled on my lees. There has been change from time to time and change is always for the better in terms of my spiritual growth, ministry and fruitfulness. I can't allow myself to be stale at where I am. Many things do not depend on me. There is as much as I can do as far as student numbers in my class are concerned. Two years ago we tried evening classes and 80 people attended my Revelation course for 14 weeks. The 8-week licentiate course in 2009 was attended by more than 120 students. I can't see why we can't attract at least 50 students or more for every course if the time, venue and promotion are planned in advance and executed.

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