Monday, January 27, 2014

Singapore, My Home

It's tough to decide where I shall be, come June 2014. Singapore has been my home for nearly 6 years and I have indeed grown fond of the place and her people. Except for the occasional foray into East and West Malaysia, most of my preaching revolves around the churches in Singapore. If I consider the economic aspects, Singapore will win thumbs up - just look at the Singdollar vs. Malaysian ringgit - 2.6224 today!
How could one survive in Malaysia with so many issues besetting the country, not just economics but social, political and religious issues have come to dominate the national discourse in the past months and it's heating up. But I will decide as the Lord directs, not economics or my personal convenience or comforts but where the Lord sends, even to the United States of America, far away from familiar places or even to the ends of the earth, New Zealand.

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