Friday, January 17, 2014

True to your Calling

There is nothing more important for those who seek to serve the Lord to stay true to one's calling. Today we had a reading from Isaiah 48 about the prophet's calling to be God's instrument to accomplish God's will on Babylon. Most scholars think that the person prophesied in Isaiah 48 is Cyrus, the Persian king but with closer study of the text, it seems to suggest that it is one who is fully convinced of God's calling in his life as he confessed that it was "the Lord God has sent me with His Spirit" (48:16b). This verse is especially powerful in shaping my calling in the Lord. I dare not go where the Lord does not send nor would I dare to venture to do anything unless I sensed the presence of God's Spirit with me. I thank the Lord that over these almost 20 years in full-time ministry, His Spirit has worked powerfully in my life.
Yesterday I thought I gave one of the best lectures thus far on the sources for the study of Paul followed by an introduction of Paul's letter to the Romans. I sensed the Spirit strong, speaking through me. I did not need to search for words and on occasions I would have struggled but yesterday with God's anointing on one's lips, I felt the full force of the Spirit - "Now the LORD God sent me and His Spirit". God also promised to lead this prophetic messenger and promised that he would succeed in his mission. God's servant is also assured of God's love - that he is loved by God. How wonderful it is be loved by God, a love that surpasses all, even the love of parents and love of a woman and love of close friends. How exalting one would feel that despite hardships and persecution, one is loved by God who promises to direct His servant in the way that he should go (48:17).

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