Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Big 4 in New Testament Theology

In a couple of hours' time, I shall be teaching for the 6th time, New Testament 2 which serves as introduction to Paul's Letters and rest of the New Testament, a total of 22 letters in all. This is my 12th Semester of teaching and I am glad I am as excited as ever (like my first day) to meet my students for the first time in the new year. I only got 3 chapters read by yesterday from Walter J. Taylor Jr's Paul. Apostle to the Nations and had to get up early this morning to finish the 4th chapter, "What kind of person was Paul?" which I will lecture on in the second half of today's session.
How glad I was to have taught Romans last Semester to a class of 18 students, a few of whom came to me yesterday and expressed their thanks when they heard that this would be my last Semester. One student exclaimed, "How blessed I was to have done Romans now that you are leaving us." I have planned for my departure for the past year, telling myself that I had to offer at least once, Paul's magisterial letter to the Romans and in this final leg of my journey, my own area of research, the book of Revelation. I have done the big Four in NT theology, the Gospel of John twice, Luke's Acts, Romans and Revelation (for a second time).

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