Monday, August 25, 2014

A Fool's CV

This is the title of an essay given by a former colleague (still a good friend) when I first came to Singapore more than 6 years ago. What would Paul the apostle put in his CV if he were to apply for a job? I have learned from experience that I should not give out my CV too readily. CV or resume usually contains the nice or presentable parts of one's qualifications, work and experience but in the ministry for the Lord, qualities and skills needed to do the Lord's work may not be found in any CV. I know that my CV does not even pretend to tell half the story, probably 25% of my story, my history with God. What about my tears put into the Lord's bottle? Is that presentable in a CV - "I cried a lot before the Lord", but yet it is said of our Saviour that in the days of his flesh, he cried out to God with loud cries, tears and weeping.." (Hebrews). What about getting up early in the morning at 5am and wait 2 or 3 hours, apparently doing nothing except waiting on the Lord? How can you measure these things? How about a heart beating with the love of God and compassion for lost humanity? Can anyone really see into the heart except the Lord himself? "Man looks at outward appearance but God looks into the heart". What about character - love, humility, gentleness, self-control, peace...against which there is no law?
As an employer (I have been in senior leadership before), I will never ask for a CV (it may come last) but first I will meet with the person in question. Within half hour of fellowship, as deep calls to the deep, spirit to spirit, I could, by God's grace, evaluate the person, whether he or she is right for the job. Sure, only the Lord sees everything and men still rely on outward indicators. But if we have the Spirit of God, we will discern by His wisdom those who are truly His, his chosen ones for any position or ministry for the kingdom's sake.

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