Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What is Preaching?

Preaching is not a skill to be learned but a life to be lived in devotion to God who has called the preacher to His service. Preaching is a gift given to them who tremble at His Words and the fear of the Lord is his treasure. The law of God is in his heart and he is ready to preach in a moment's notice in season and out of season.
As he seeks to glorify God and God alone, there is no falsehood in him. He speaks only truth because he is no respecter of persons. He teaches the way of God in truth and his lips are anointed by God 's Spirit and God gives a double portion of His Spirit beyond his companions because he loves righteousness and hates wickedness. He is God's instrument to declare and execute his will and he cares only for God's reputation. That is preaching that brings glory to God.

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