Thursday, August 28, 2014

Future Studies & the End-Time

A couple of days ago. Straitstimes reported on a Professor who majored in Future Studies (see link). As one who has studied prophecy, looking into the future is my "specialty". I don't predict the future but I study what the Bible teaches about the future, especially the last book of the Bible, Revelation. I must say I was intrigued with what the Professor said about Singapore's exposure to earthquakes of 8 richter scale, even if it hits Sumatra, a neighbouring island. Tall buildings especially those built on soft soil will sway and could be at risk of damage. The book of Revelation speaks much of earthquakes and Jesus in Luke's Gospel speaks of great earthquakes attending the early signs of his coming. Also in Luke and Revelation, another disaster that will befall the world is plagues, deadly diseases spreading like Ebola and before the current Ebola epidemic, we had SARS and different strains of bird flu. Climate change is also predicted, especially droughts for in the days of the prophecy of the two witnesses, there shall be no rain (Rev 11,6).

Stars will fall from the sky as we witnessed 18 months ago how a meteorite injured thousands in north Russia. And there are many more asteriods and meteorites on collusion course with planet earth. Even wars and rumours of war are on the rise in the past 24 months, with the speed and spread of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and rising tension in South China Seas nearer to home. If we study biblical prophecy, the first sign is deception, false Christs and prophets leading people astray from the truth of God.

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