Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life's Threshold & Destiny

One thing about my homestate, Sabah is that the word, "sabbath" in Hebrew sounds like sabbat. I guess I come from a place of rest and I shall be returning to my hometown in a week's time. How long I am going to be in Sabah is entirely dependent on how things pan out for me in Singapore. I may return to Singapore at the end of September and begin a new ministry. If not, possibly a short stopover and onto New Zealand for the next phase of my sabbatical. Or I will stay put in Sabah as long as the Cloud remains in the Land Below the Wind. I feel like Joshua at the edge of Jordan, at life's threshold, ready to cross over and conquer the promised Land. Where that promised land for me is entirely in God's hands. Kiergegaard, the Danish philosopher wrote some 150 years ago that we, like Abraham, serve a God of all possibilities because He is the great I AM and the I will be what I will be.
He creates new possibilities for us out of nothing, opens closed doors, breaks the bars of iron so that His people know His majestic power. Even now I stand at this threshold of faith, ready for all possibilities, neither constrained by time nor place but rests secure in the will of God for as the Psalmist has sung, "the Lord shall fulfill his purpose for me."

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