Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Malaysia's 51st National Day

This morning I arrived at the Likas Sports Complex where Malaysia's 51st National Day was celebrated. The Negara-Ku was sung and there was a march by the Malay Regiment in full regalia.Sabah Tanah Air-ku, negeri kita yang tercinta. What pride in Statehood and what glory when citizens lived in harmony and stand shoulder to shoulder with one another. Anyhow, I am a son of Sabah, anak Malaysia. There was much flags waving, and I waved my Malaysian flag caught up in the euphoria. I could have picked up a Sabah flag but I chose to wave the Malaysian flag, Jalur Gemilang because I believe in Sabah as part of Malaysia forever, until Jesus comes again.

It is time to come together as one nation. Sometimes the politicians may disappoint us with their rhetoric, but it is up to us, ordinary citizens to wave the flags of Malaysia and Sabah and lift the nation high in our esteem, work to build up nationhood and national unity and uphold the country and its leaders to the Lord Jesus, who is the Potentate of all, ruler of the kings of the earth (Rev 1, 5).
I felt a sense of pride in Malaysia which I had not experienced for some time. I missed the Malaysia's Golden Jubilee, so I told myself that I must attend this year's celebration as I am not sure where I shall be in the coming years.

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