Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sudden Stop

I experienced slow progress today. For the first time since I started writing last week, I felt a check on my writing. I have arrived at the 7th chapter, about my 63 months' tenure as pastor of my homechurch. I got emotional and it was too close for comfort since for the past 2 weeks I have been attending church and it was too difficult to write about something so close in my heart from so close a distance. Last Sunday I wept several times for the spiritual health of my denomination.
Perhaps I should leave this chapter until I return to Singapore where it will be more remote and less emotional. I will write my last chapter then about my six years' of service in Singapore. Maybe 6 pages will do for what I have done in the past 6 years. It was certainly the least productive period of my 20-year ministry. I need to leave 10 pages or so for maps and photos. It should be about 100 pages in all.

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