Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Life. One Place.

You just have one life and you can be at one place at a time. This morning I was awakened by the Muslim call to prayers and I went down to the dining room where I normally spend quiet moments before the Lord. By 6am I had my computer turned on and I started writing until 7.30am when it was time to go church. I wrote and I wrote and for the first time since writing my thesis back in 2002, I felt a sense of real excitement putting thoughts on paper or words on screen. I typed away furiously on my Macbook Air (11inch) and now it is reaching 15,000 words and the 4th chapter. I am almost halfway through. At this rate I could finish the first draft by the end of the month.

The worship was powerful today led by two of my favourite song leaders, youth leaders, one male and one female. Even the back up singers sang extremely well. Tambourine dancers lined the stage of the church in their beautiful and elegant yellow attires and flowing robes. The preacher hit so many one-liners that I lost count. Be generous with God, be stingy with sin. The only thing that matters eternally is what you do for Jesus. He preached from Matt 26 about the woman who anointed Jesus with costly perfume. Give your all to Jesus. You have one life. Use it for Jesus. Be a river, don't be a dam. Jadilah sungai bukan empangan.
He also shared how one rich church gave him only RM100.00 but one poor church gave him a big angpow. I smiled noddingly and thought about my experience in Singapore, churches 20 times richer than most Malaysian churches but generosity was lacking. And just before I left Singapore, a poor Singaporean church gave me 5-fold! Then the preacher led us to sing a few songs after the sermon. He asked us to kneel and bow before the Lord. I felt a quickening in my heart and moved to the front so that I could bow in worship to the Lord. It was liberating. I bowed 7 times as we sang two songs. I saw multiple visions, rivers of God's love flowing into my heart. I saw how the 24 elders before the throne of God cast down their crowns and bow before the Lord. I saw where the fires of revival are burning. I know I needed to be in that place.

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