Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ministry Milestones

Today is the 13th anniversary of Sept 11 2001 infamy. It was one of those moments forever etched in memory, remembering what one was doing when the two planes crashed into NY's twin towers. I was writing my doctoral thesis on Revelation. The other moment almost as emotionally wrenching was the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. I was in Melbourne, Australia. But few days ago I celebrated my 2nd milestone and this second half of 2014 is a year with several personal milestones. The first two were private but the next two I shall be celebrating with friends and church family, marking my 20th year in full-time ministry and 25 years as a member of one SIB church in Kota Kinabalu.
Both milestones are worth celebrating because not many in my denomination make it to 10 years in ministry as the drop out rate is still high among pastors. The second is also noteworthy in the present day and age of church-hopping among even members of the same denomination. Churches have mushroomed in the city, not largely because of numerical growth but because of church split and leaders wanting to start their own churches. Some may turn out to be fine and be a blessing but many lag behind and often after the initial enthusiasm and growth in numbers, these churches have dwindled to remain stagnant with 30 or 40 members, hardly qualifying to be a local church of at least 50 adult members.

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