Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Book 2/3 Done

A good book is like a tree. It stands the test of time and many people eat from the fruits of it. In my wildest hopes, I can't imagine this rate of progress when I started to write last Wesnesday. I have passed the 32,000 word mark and into the 7th chapter. A couple more chapters to go and I shall be done.
Obviously I plan to publish it but even if I don't I hope my grandchildren (if I am granted them) will read it and remember the works of their grandad by it. Hopefully my son will be interested and will take a page from it and inspired for full-time ministry. Perhaps I should have encouraged him more when he was keen on studying theology. In fact, he had passed 3 papers in Theology and Church History. Lord call my son into Your service as You have called me in times past.

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