Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Memoirs of a Modern Missionary

I thank You, Lord for You have not abandoned the works of Your hands! For the past 20 days, I was occupied with writing my memoirs and it is now finished. It may not be in the league of Nehemiah's wall completed in 52 days but originally I had thought I needed at least 3 months but I had finished the first draft in less than 3 weeks. The table of contents for the first four chapters are found below (photo - my 4-year old son in Melangkap, near Mount Kinabalu, the first place of my missionary endeavours):

Memoirs of a Modern Missionary: My Ministry among the Indigenous Peoples of Borneo in Sabah & Ethnic Chinese in Singapore

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preparation for Full-Time Ministry
First Contact with SIB
Drunk before Dawn
Final Months of Legal Practice
Sabah Foundation Student Loan
Reading Commentaries
Learning Hebrew and Greek
The Miracle Man

Chapter 2: Into the Interior of Borneo (1994-1995)
Maktab Teologi Sabah (MTS), Melangkap (Kota Belud)
Dawn & Evening Prayers
Itinerancy in the Villages
Among the Kadazan-Dusun community
SIB’s AGM 1995

Chapter 3: Treasurer-General of SIB Sabah (1995-1998)
Trustee & Executive Pastor
Sources of Income
Putting New Policies in Place
Choosing Contractors for SIB Projects
Alan Belcher (Pendeta Meripa)
President’s Eldership Proposal
Reverend or Pastor?
Interior Pastors’ Fund
Gratuity for SIB Veterans

Chapter 4: 300 Sermons in 3 Years
Trevor White (Pendeta Asang)
Iraus & KKRs
Village Hospitality & Food
Greg Storm, Keningau (1996)
Preaching 9 times over a Week-end
Preaching in West Malaysia

Preaching in Anglican Youth Conference, Tongod

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