Sunday, February 8, 2015

And Immediately

The phrase, Kai euthus (and immediately) appears some 40 times in Mark's Gospel. Today I experienced in a small measure what Jesus experienced in his hectic 3-year ministry. From 4.30am until now I have not stopped ministry. I told my Singaporean friends a couple of days ago that I was doubly busy compared to what I experienced in Singapore. Several years ago in class, I remarked that I was not sure if there were many pastors in Singapore that could cope with the pace of ministry in Sabah. If you are not ready to avail yourself at least 3 nights a week for ministry, don't bother applying for a pastoral ministry here. This morning I spent almost 2 hours going through my 2 sermons. I preached two different sermons in two morning services. I thank God I spoke to many young people and reminded them to love and honour their parents, especially elderly parents based on the life of Joseph in Gen 46. Later I was told that one member wept throughout the sermon as he was convicted by the Spirit. He was alienated from his father and realized that he had to make amends. In the 2nd service I continued my series on Matthew's Gospel from 2,19 to 3,10. I spoke about how I did not ask my son to get baptized when he was 12 years old until he was ready himself. A number of church members told me how they were baptized when they were 12 but at that age they did not know the Lord personally but merely followed their parents' suggestion. The first meeting was again full and the 2nd service was easily past 120 adults as well. Amazingly, more than 150 members indicated that they were interested in attending an English service if we would start one. Now I am praying for an associate or assistant pastor who can speak English well. Perhaps I should recruit my former students in Singapore. Is anyone interested in becoming a missionary pastor and join me in Ranau? The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
And Immediately after the 2nd service ended, I rushed home to make sure the leaders' fellowship lunch was ready by 12.30pm. After lunch we had a meeting to discuss how we should conduct the church's AGM in mid-March. We ended the meeting at 3.15pm and we went out to examine the site on which the new church would be built. I took leave of my leaders at 3.20 to prepare for home group visitation at 4pm. I laid down for 5 minutes and prayed to the Lord for a word. The Lord showed me Ezra 7,27-28. We finished at 5.30pm but the conversation continued over local fruits until 6.10pm. And immediately I went home and rested for another 5 minutes. I took a shower and forthwith proceeded to church for a potbless at 7pm to be followed by the children's ministry AGM. I reckon we will finish by 10.30pm tonight by which time I had already spent 18 hours non-stop in ministry with only a couple of short breaks.

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