Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coffee & Inspiration

As there is no Mcdonald's in Ranau, the only outlet for me is KFC. Though its coffee is double the price compared to outside, the place has air-con, a welcome relief from midday heat. In Ranau you can go to sleep steamy hot about 27 degrees celcius and catch a chill at 3am with temperatures below 20 degrees. I have meditated on many Scriptures at KFC over cofffee and I am reading the Prophets of Israel (Good News Bible) features by Lion in full colours. Some of the diagrams are apt in depicting the social-cultural context of the day. Without a fixed line and TV, I am relying on my old College's notes and pictures I used for lectures over the years. I just read that you can purchase the atlas of Greek and Roman world for about RM65.00 and download it to your iPad, instead of the hard print version of almost RM1,400.00! Perhaps a good excuse to buy an iPad Air 2. Yes, there is good free wifi at KFC where some of my blogposts were written. I met a good friend, a senior leader whom I knew some 20 years. He was surprised I was posted to a small town. Why was I thrown out (dibuang)? It was difficult to explain to him. I wanted to be a pastor and the HQ wanted me to help out in the College and the only place I could do both is where I am. I am pastoring a thriving church, packed at most times in both services, ministering to over 100 secondary students. The chairman chanced upon me in the bank this morning and we went for a drink. He told me that the church generally (rata-rata) is pleased with my ministry. By God's grace I have won hearts through humility and gentleness and the power of God's Word preached in the Spirit. That was the first time he gave me feedback in my first 55 days of ministry. I see the souls in Ranau, they are the same in KK or Singapore. Each soul is precious and is of infinite worth in the sight of the Lord and He has made me a shepherd of sheepfolds, caring for his ewes and tending his lambs in a far away country.

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