Friday, February 6, 2015

Meeting Friends from Singapore

I found myself in Kota Kinabalu for a day trip. Instead of 2 hours' flight from Singapore to KK, it is a mere 2 hours' drive from Ranau to KK. I did not plan to go down to KK but I wanted to make sure my Singaporean friends could enjoy a few hours with me in KK before I head back to Ranau tomorrow. After stopping at the Kinabalu Park, the entrance to Mount Kinabalu we went to tour the botanical garden.
My friend's wife is a florist and I could see that she was thrilled to see the fauna and flora there. There are many green plants, flowers and orchids in the garden. Thankfully the weather was fine up the mountain and we enjoyed our 60 mins walk in the garden. The last time I entered Kinabalu Park was when a Canadian exchange student stayed over our place 15 years ago. When we reached KK, I made sure we stopped by my homechurch, SIB Kota Kinabalu at Likas and we took some photos. My friend said that at least he could say I visited Tony's church. Tonight we are having seafood in Asiacity and unfortunately I have to take leave of my friends as tomorrow I head back to Ranau where on Sunday I shall be preaching 2 sermons and attend a leaders' meeting after that. My Singaporean friends' visit is timely as my soul is refreshed from news from afar, in a land I spent 6 long and fruitful years .

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