Thursday, July 14, 2016

Exciting Times in England & the World

We are living in exciting times. It is exciting times in the United Kingdom. It is exciting times for what remains of the European Union. The doom and gloom sayers will be proven wrong. Continental Europe will only grow stronger without the British Isles. France and Germany are negotiating a common defence force, unthinkable with UK in the EU. Britain has a new PM. No matter how polished a politicIan David Cameron was, I have never been impressed with him. Few years ago Cameron's speech on interference in Libya was the last straw. He is not too dissimilar to Tony Blair rushing to war and interference. Theresa May on the other hand looks prime ministerial. I like what I see in her first hours as PM. Appointing Boris Johnson as foreign secretary was a masterstroke.
It is better to have the former London mayor in one's inner circle than with him sniping at one's heels from the outside. George Osborne is rightly dumped. He is too closely associated with the fallen David Cameron. Come November, we may have the three most powerful nations in the world ruled by women. A troika one may say. Note May's first call as PM was to Angela Merkel. And if Marie Le Pen wins the French Presidential election, then you have 3 out of 5 nuclear powers in the hands of women leaders. The Word of God is being fulfilled. Women will rise and rule over men. Even Christian women will rise and proclaim the great tidings of the Lord (Psalm 68). I will pour out my Spirit on that day, your sons and daughters will prophesy, young men and young women will see visions and old men will dream dreams (Acts 2).

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