Sunday, July 31, 2016

Free to Worship

I am enjoying my time of break while it lasts.  I am waiting for the 2nd service of SIB SKYLINE to start. The first service is about to end and I can see about 300 people inside. Yesterday I think for the first time in 20 years I preached 3 sermons in a row, two in the morning and one at 2pm. These were long sermons, the first one went for 1 hour and 10 mins and second close to an hour but the last one only 45 mins.  It was a good time of fellowship with the Kawasan Taginambur leaders, the meetings were only for men or wira. 154 registered but the attendance was close to 200 men. Thanks be to GOD. It is not easy to get 200 men to spend the whole of Saturday from 8.30 am to 4pm and attend three long services. There was a major NGO AGM going on at the same time and rain and rained it did for a whole day.
It was good to see middle age men leading worship. We had full worship for every session and the third and final worship session lasted close to 40 mins, dancing along old and familiar tunes and a few Dusun songs as well. My ministry started in Taginambur district in 1994 and one of my former students 22 years ago is now a senior pastor in one of the local churches. In meetings such as these what was spoken over lunch and tea breaks can be sometimes as meaningful as sermons.  Most of them have not caught up with my latest situation.  Some thought I was still at the College and others thought I was still pastor of the Ranau church. But thanks unto be God that I could speak without hesitation and the delivery was as good as it could be though I had wished my second sermon was more structured. It was good to be back among old friends. One of them even offered to see some people on my behalf to move things along so that I get a new appointment soon.

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