Monday, August 1, 2016

Retiring without Regrets

The Washington Post has this interesting article on people's regrets when they retire (see here). So far I have not suffered from such mistakes and thus have no regrets. I have always gone for my dreams, with huge risks sometimes and it pays off handsomely at the end. I am at present at a critical juncture of my life. Into my early 50s now, do you play it safe or continue to go for your dreams and take risks? By God's grace, I will choose the latter though the former presses on one's soul sometimes...a whisper here and a whisper there telling you that your dream is too far-fetched, it is too late, it is time to recoup or it is time to worry about retirement and many such things that enter the minds of men and women and hence, their regrets when they retire. I have no regrets. I spoke powerfully on Saturday by the Spirit of the Lord. I joked with my Ranau congregations (plural as we have two distinct Sunday services) when I was appointed to lead the Bible College early this year that I had two wives.
I gave them an allegory to interpret. I told them, the Ranau church is my first wife and the Bible College is my second wife. I have to attend to both and for the first two months it was what I did. I even told them that normally men loved their second wives better but I loved my first wife more, to laughter and appreciation from my church members. But as things transpired I had to divorce my first wife to pay full attention to my second wife. Now I am divorced from both wives. And now I am left without a woman in my life, allegorically speaking. Was it worth it? I took immense risks. My pastorate gave me a steady income and it was a growing church and I loved the ministry. Why would I give that up for a Bible College located far into the interior with little hope of improvement? I took risks. I have no regrets. After 6 months, I have done what I could. Results will come, plans and deeds done in the Spirit will bear fruits in God's time. Now I am waiting for my next assignment. And I am going for my dreams. So that when I retire I will have no regrets.

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