Sunday, August 28, 2016

Citizenship & Romans 13

After an 5 hours drive to the Entilibon and back to Namaus at 1am this morning where I preached a one hour sermon on Exodus 24 and 17 then on David as a worshipper from 2 Samuel 6 I preached again at Chapel this morning at 9am for about 50 mins on the Role of a Citizen based on Romans 13. First I explained what Roman citizenship meant in first century and in Paul's case in particular by looking at Acts 22 where Paul claimed citizenship to avoid summary punishment including possibly mob lynching. Then I explained what a Citizen in Malaysia entailed by looking at the Malaysian constitution and rights conferred on citizens. Then I went back to Romans 13 esp verse 5 and spoke about the need to heed our conscience despite our misgivings concerning our political leaders.
I spoke about the Gospel for all nations and how in church no race or ethnicity should have any precedence over others and all of us are equal in the sight of God. I spoke about the need for men to rise up to become leaders in local churches and women to answer God's call in their lives in whatever capacity and function which God has called them to fulfill. I spoke about the need to sacrifice for the sake of Christ since Christ has suffered and died for us. I quoted Rev 12,11 and expound on how we conquer the enemy by the blood of the Lamb  the words of our testimony and that we love not our lives unto death.

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