Saturday, August 13, 2016

Faith that Moves Mountains (Matt 17,20)

The only time I had this mountain-moving experience was a week after the Ranau earthquake. I was driving from KK back to Ranau and my pick up truck was filled with about 20 cartons of mineral water as water supply was disrupted since the 5.9 tremor struck. A day before came the announcement from a government  minister that Ranau residents needed to be patient and it could take up to 3 weeks before water supply would be restored.  As I was driving past Mount Kinabalu, in fact facing that once majestic mountain, standing tall at 14,000 feet from sea level my spirit stirred within me by the Holy Ghost. The epicentre of the June 5th was right beneath the mountain and 18 people perished on the mountain top as they made their descent but never made it, some crushed to death by falling rocks. So I cried out to the Lord against the mountain and said, "Restore the waters of Ranau, Lord" on top of my voice and I spoke in tongues for 30 seconds or so.
I reached Ranau in the afternoon, bracing myself to face a couple of weeks without tap water. I had to take bath with water carried from afar and it took the church leaders several weeks before they put up a temporary water tank and two more months before they built a more permanent structure with two water tanks, one each for the two apartments and the general office. Lo and behold that day was a Friday night and I came back from cell group and turned on the tap at about 11pm and it flowed like before and never ceased again except for half a day or so after that. What an answer to prayer as Jesus said, if you have faith and you say to the mountain be removed the mountain will be cast out at your command.

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