Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sabah, a Ravenous Wolf (Gen 49:27)

Today according to the NECF's prayer booklet leading to Malaysia Day on the 16th September, it is praying for Sabah day. This morning probably for the third time in a row I was asked by the student leading worship to say the intercessory prayers before the service started. I showed a flash of righteous anger as we were 3 or 4 minutes late when the doorkeeper turned up late with his keys to the Chapel. I reminded those given responsibility to keep keys to come to Chapel at least 10 or 15 minutes early before the starting time. Before I prayed, I spoke about the significance of Sabah in the scheme of things within Malaysia. First, it is the most Eastern State in Malaysia and many things happen in the East first.
I noted the arrangement of the 12 tribes in the wilderness where the tribe of Judah was camped in the East and they moved out first when the call came to journey on. Second, Sabah after 10 or so years within the Federation is labeled the 12th State. I explained the significance of the number of 12, signifying the people of God or the church of Jesus Christ. I told the College Community that God has chosen Sabah to be a place where His people will prevail and used mightily. Third, I spoke about the shape of Sabah geographically. Sabah is formed like a head of an animal, very much like a wolf - Benjamin is a rapacious wolf, in the early morning he shall still be devouring and at evening he shall distribute food" (Gen 49:27).

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