Sunday, August 14, 2016

Singapore's Schooling

Singapore has finally found its soul in Schooling. It is in sports that could unite a whole nation and make its citizens brimming with pride. Singapore had won its first Olympic gold medal while her older brother Malaysia had just won silver. Even if Lee Chong Wei could win gold, Singapore had stolen the thunder. Joseph Schooling has reached unbelievable heights in 100M butterfly by beating Michael Phelps, the greatest Oympian of all time (22 golds) and others. All Singapore rejoices and I rejoice.
The 7-year training and all the sacrifice is worth it when the gold medal beckons and is now achieved. Spiritually Paul the apostle, a sports fan himself since he used many sporting metaphors would say that if an athlete strains and trains in strict discipline for a perishable wreath, how much more spiritual athletes in the contest of spiritual fight and warfare to win crowns and gold medals for the glory of God's kingdom. This is no place for slackers in God's kingdom. Unless we also strain every nerve and with spiritual weapons on our right hand and our left hand we will not conquer and win the race. The strong presses on and the violent takes it (the kingdom of God) by force. Viva Sinapore's Schooling. A public holiday should be declared in Schooling's honour. It's the beginning of Singapore finding a soul for sports can sweep up patriotism and euphoria like nothing else can. Finding a country's soul is the beginning of forging her identity.

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