Tuesday, August 2, 2016

On the Way 2 Jerusalem

They tell me that if you are not careful you can come down with the Jerusalem syndrome. I would say let me catch it and have it, in greater measures! Today I worshipped the Lord with Hebrew songs (with English transliteration) and my heart breaks out for Jerusalem. There is this irresistible desire to step on the place where the Lord was born and called his homeland. As my middle phase goes underway as Jesus in his days, I am setting my face to Jerusalem.
It might take a while, but Jerusalem I will come, no doubt about it. This middle phase could take a decade or longer but it is leading all the way to Jerusalem for it is not possible for a prophet to perish except in Jerusalem. In the meantime I have to raise up tribes of Borneo and through them reach out to the ends of the earth. It is already 5 weeks since I moved my things out of College and 3 weeks since I went back to take my books. The journey to Jerusalem may have several stops more along the way but I am absolutely focused in going on to the city of the Lord for there I will song my Jerusalem songs in the rebuilt Temple and welcome the coming of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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