Saturday, September 3, 2016

37th Youth Conference

Konferensi PMM SIB Sabah 37th edition is on in 10 days. I have the honour of being the speaker for the third and final night service where at least 5,000 youths and adults are expected to attend. On the same day I am also speaking at the evening session to the participants at 5pm which means two sessions back to back. Only today I felt a sense of relief that I might have what I want to say in the night service. But I am still working on the evening session where 3,000 registered youths (mostly 15 to 25 years old) will attend. The night session being the climax of the whole Conference will be attended by most of our senior leaders of our denomination. I had only spoken once at night at the Youth Conference before in 2003 but that time I took the pulpit on the opening night at Likas Sports Stadium.
I have set apart 3 days and 3 nights to pray about the two sermons so I may be staying on in KK before returning to the College on Tuesday or Wednesday. Preaching is an never ending task, sermon after sermon and I never keep my sermon notes. For each sermon I start afresh and listen afresh to the voice of the Holy Spirit and what He wants spoken to the churches. It is time consuming and energy sapping. In the past fortnight I had to travel on the road for 5 hours each time to deliver one sermon. Last week was the toughest when I drove through the rain on winding and uneven roads from Entilibon to Namaus reaching the Campus at 1am in the morning and preached another fiery sermon that morning at College's Sunday service. And then lectured on Tuesday and Friday to make up for the time lost as a result of rejoining the College mid Semester.

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