Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trusting in the Lord

This morning I set out from KK at 6,15am and reached Namaus Bible College at 8.25am just as the students were leaving the Chapel for class. I managed to greet quite a few students at the door and that was enough tonic for me to recover from a tedious journey. I read a blog saying that we should trust God and He will often lead us to places that we do not want to go. Humanly, Namaus village is the last place I want to be.
Electricity supply is not consistent. A few days ago we had blackouts thrice within 3 hours. Our internet access is poor and only after more than a month our line was restored yesterday. Even the Hebrew teacher lamented that perhaps it is better to move the School right in a city where we can access online resources and library books more easily. I can't help but agree with her and perhaps in 10 years' time we shall see change, if ever. But without light at the end of the tunnel, I keep on fighting and persevering. It is good that I sense most students are still on my side giving me encouragement though one can't please everyone no matter how hard one tries. I read several psalms early this morning and I continue to read the Psalter when I got back to College. Sebab Tuhan mencintai hukum, dan Ia tidak meninggalkan orang-orang yang dikasihiNya...sampai selama lamanya mereka terpelihara (Ps 37:28)

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