Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ministry Widens

One distinct advantage of being a lecturer and not a pastor is that on Sundays or weekends I am free to accept invitations to preach in churches. After the Youth Conference last week I am now preparing to lead a praise and worship retreat where I will conduct a series of sermons or talks on the theology of worship over 7 sessions. It will be a long weekend no doubt but I am looking forward to connecting with the church that opened its door to me when I was writing up my doctoral thesis in 2001. It's been 15 years and most of the youths then are now established in their careers and with young families. Christmas again is the busiest season and all the 4 weekends from early December are taken up in travelling to various districts for preaching. From Sipitang, Kota Belud, Kemabong and then to Entilibon for Christmas day itself.

My duties at College are not too onerous seeing that I returned mid Semester where most things have already started or duties taken up. I was put in charge of the library which is something I delight to do but there is nothing much I could do without sufficient funding for the proposed online catalogue and increase in the volumes and titles of books. It does not help when the Ringgit has continued to fall against the USD over the past months. I am also back as a member in the College magazine editorial committee but unfortunately the third edition which is supposed to be out early August is still in the process and we hope to have it by the end of September. Everything requires leadership with vision. I wait for God's purpose for me though as the main preacher noted and prayed for on the 2nd night of the youth conference that many servants of God have been shackled or tied down when their talents and gifts are not fully utilised.

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