Saturday, September 10, 2016

Renewed Vigour

I have returned to KK for the last leg of my preparations for the Youth Conference.  In the early hours of the morning I drove with vigour from Namaus reaching KK just before 7am. I had listened to the worship song of the Conference all the way sung by my students. I did not expect them to sing my song but they did and did not let me down. I am like a man born again. How refreshing to see my students respond to the truth and walk in love.
I have dedicated my life to serve the indigenous peoples of Borneo which many other races choose to ignore or not put too much hope in the wellbeing of these tribal groups. Yesterday I challenged them to stick to youthful ideals and live by principles. I gave my testimony how I quit on principle and reinstated to my teaching position when my principles are not compromised. I told them that there will be many challenges as they grow older, the perennial temptations of power or position seeking and the desire for worldly fame. Then money issues can trip up many people when there is not enough to see the pastors' kids through university.  My friend and pastor gave a powerful testimony how he feared that his son who is now 11 years old may not be able to enter university with the dad's current salary. How important for leaders to look after the welfare of their workers
including the children's education and advancement in the world.

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