Friday, September 9, 2016

Stretching Faith

Abraham grew strong in faith and hope against hope he believed... (Romans 4). Faith is a quality of heart and mind in the Lord and His promises where one believes that whatever God has said and is saying is wholly trustworthy and as such the believing person acts upon the sheer promise of God without first obtaining or seeing the evidence or the outcome of God's benevolence. Faith can be stretched because we can grow weak or grow strong in faith. As such Scripture says, let's each one minister according to the measure of his faith. I have learned to stretch my faith a bit more in the past week.
Before this I hate to drive long distance at night especially on Sabah's treacherous terrains, crossing mountains on uneven roads. My 5 hour drive from Namaus to Entilibon and back was a milestone, never had I driven so far at so late an hour past midnight in driving rain. Thus last Tuesday night, feeling a bit restless in KK at 11pm I drove back to Namaus in less than 2 hours arriving at the College just before 1am. The Entilibon trip has stretched my self belief that I could drive late at night under any conditions. My colleagues were surprised that I drove back at so late an hour but when breakfast came I realized that the Lord wanted me to meet the visiting lecturer who had practiced law until his retirement then pursued a DTh and now goes around the region teaching and lecturing. It was humbling for me as it was for him as he told me that "it is a humbling thing to see that you are prepared to teach in a place such as this". I was encouraged by his words as I struggled in the past fortnight whether it was indeed God's will for me to take myself out of the city and civilization and plant myself in the heart of Borneo. The reception of students of my return made the transition easier but eating 3 meals at the dining hall is unpalatable to say the least. I have to think of a way to get some variety and flavour in my diet so that I don't lose weight as I lose appetite. In a day or two I will be back in KK again for the mid Semester break and I will be fully focused on Youth Conference starting next Tuesday.

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