Friday, July 22, 2016

Ranau & Namaus Chapters

My book tentatively titled, Memoirs of a Modern Modern has gone past 72,000 words. I am finishing my Ranau chapter, ch. 11 and the final chapter will be on my time as Acting Principal in Namaus, ch. 12. I thought 12 chapters are just about right, the number 12 being the number of the people of God and this book is meant to be read by the churches, the Church of Jesus Christ, the people of God. I don't know whether it will reach 90,000 words but I will try to keep it short and manageable. I have been writing furiously in the past couple of days when I felt inspired.
Earlier in the week I felt lethargic, perhaps still suffering from post work syndrome. Early this year I was holding  two jobs and suddenly I find myself holding none and my ministry had come to a complete stop. But I am cherishing the free time I have now. Reading what I like, waking early in the morning.  I even invented a new greeting to my friends. Salam pra-subuh! Predawn greetings. This greeting is given to those who get up at 4am and before dawn greetings at 5am and good morning at 6am.

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