Sunday, July 17, 2016

Where is the Challenge?

Several times when it appears that there was a ministry opening I asked myself this question: "Where is the challenge?" or "What is the challenge?" The challenge for me is to remain in Sabah where hardships, sufferings and persecution will occur.
I am looking for a challenge - jobs that require me to preach occasionally are out of the question since I averaged 3 sermons in Ranau for the past 18 months. Jobs that do not stretch my faith are out of the question because it is precisely when our faith is stretched we see God working miracles and His power manifested. Jobs that are too routine or as if in ivory towers as tempting as they are, are also out of the question for they will prove too lax for the soul. Our souls require a challenge to grow unto the Lord for they who know their God shall do exploits. It is when our souls are poured out in the service of others, we will see real and lasting fruits.

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